Isle of Wight Weather

Potentially the most talked about subject at breakfast time in hotels and guest houses across the Isle of Wight – the weather. We are, therefore, exceptionally lucky to have a dedicated team of Isle of Wight forecasters renowned for their detailed and accurate local forecasting. I am, of course, talking about “Isle of Wight Weather (IOWW)”.

Freshwater sunset courtesy of IOW Weather

So, how is their high level of accuracy achieved? Well, here comes the technical bit…. It is common for UK weather agencies to use “low resolution forecasting” which covers large geographical areas. However, at Isle of Wight Weather (IOWW) “high resolution forecasting” is used which focuses on weather events which may only effect areas a few miles across.

IOWW use raw output data from a combination of different computer models including the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMRWF), UK Met Office (UKMO), Navy Global Environmental Model (NAVGEM) and American Global Forecast System (GFS) to extrapolate about individual potential weather events. This differs from other forecasting agencies which only use the Global Forecast System data. However, where IOWW really do hold the upper hand in forecasting is in their past experience of how weather events on the Isle of Wight differed from those on the UK mainland and therefore how potential weather events may happen again.

So, who are these talented local forecasters?

Jamie Russell – was born on the IOW in 1977. He had an interest in forecasting from a very early age starting with family and friends and quickly moving onto providing forecasts for local shops and businesses. The UK Weather World was an internet based meteorology website which Jamie then began working for as a regional forecaster. At around this time he was also heavily involved with the IOW Surf Club and began producing a hugely popular web based weather and surf forecast. Jamie’s other passion is for lightning photography, which benefits greatly from his extensive knowledge of the complexities of the atmosphere, and he now has a family run photography business – Island Visions Photography.

Ryan Trigg – a true weather and forecasting enthusiast since the age of 6. Ryan began “storm chasing” at 16. Extreme weather conditions such as gales, blizzards and in particular thunderstorms are Ryan’s real passion. It is said that he has an uncanny sense of how and when a thunderstorm will develop. Ryan has lived in Sandown all his life but regularly travels to the mainland in the summer months on storm chases and is always searching from those elusive UK tornadoes!

Tom Griffiths - just like the other members, his love of weather and extreme conditions began at an early age. Through research and weather chasing Tom learnt how to project his forecasts to a wider audience and is a valuable member of the team by being a local weather station holder and broadcaster for Sandown.

So, where do I find these forecasts? I hear you ask, well, just click this link

All images courtesy of Isle of Wight Weather (IOWW)

Written by Hana Johnson who, with her partner Steve Huggins, owns Brooke House guest house in St Paul’s Avenue, Shanklin. Telephone 01983 863162.