Amazon World

Amazing visit to Amazon World Zoo Park


Members of Shanklin Hotel and Accommodation Association (SHAA) were kindly invited along to see just what is going on behind the mysterious walls of Amazon World Zoo Park.



We stepped through the entrance into the warm humid climate of a tropical rainforest to see & hear colourful birds, fluttering and singing in the foliage; turtles, crocodiles and colourful fish swimming in the water pools. Had we been transported to South America?



The talks and displays at Amazon World allow you to learn about the animals and their habitats and to ask the keepers questions and see the animals first hand.


We were invited to meet the tapirs, friendly docile animals that seemed to enjoy our company.

Amazon World has a huge range of unusual rare and exotic animals. At the last count it was somewhere in the region of 200 different species, spanning the entire animal kingdom

Some of us were brave enough to interact with some of them: the boa constrictor scary on first impression, felt very heavy and powerful.  In contrast the lemurs were quick, agile and inquisitive and happy to launch themselves on an unsuspecting guest!




Next came feeding time- we sat quietly and patiently with the wallabies who timidly came up to be fed ‘nibbles’, whilst the meerkats were busy, industrious and eager for food.

















Lastly it was over to the newest enclosure in the park to see the penguins enjoy their new home,



A big thank you to Rob and his staff for an amazing afternoon!


Written by Sue Izzard who, with her husband Alan, owns The Miclaran  in Littlestairs Road, Shanklin. Telephone 01983 862726.